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Contest CLOSED on November 25, 2014
Thank you for all the entries!

Moments In Time:  2024
A Short Fiction Writing Contest

Based on the theme '2024' write a short story
using this image as inspiration. What has happened
to the world? Have we been plummeted into the past?
Has a meteor hit earth? Has humanity collectively
decided to lay down their tech devices and return
to primitive living? You decide. Don't "tell" what has happened
but  rather "show " what has happened. Drop the reader
into the scene, carve out a slice of this new (or old) life.

The Terms:
1. Winner will receive $25 (and possible publication in an upcoming anthology.)
2. Entrants of all ages are welcome to submit.
3. Entry fee: None
4. Entry deadline is November 25, 2014.
5. Only fiction entries accepted.
6. Word count must be 2000 words or below.
7. Multiple entries are accepted.
8. Send entries in the body of an email (or an attachment) to
9. Winners will be announced via our newsletter first after November 25, 2014.